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Because Hearing Matters
Because Hearing Matters

Widex TV Play

by Widex
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Widex TV PLAY is compatible with WIDEX 2.4 GHz hearing aids and provides direct stereo streaming into the ears. With TV PLAY, Widex hearing aid users can enjoy important TV moments.

TV Play gives outstanding sound performance in a discreet design. Easy to set up and compatible with WIDEX 2.4 GHz hearing aids. TV PLAY provides direct, stable stereo streaming into the ears. Just play and stay connected.

An unlimited number of compatible Evoke hearing aids can listen to a Widex TV play. To pair your compatible Widex Evoke hearing aids just stand within 1 metre of the TV Play and turn your hearing aids off/on.

If you wish to use more than one TV Play you will need to turn off the TV play you are not listening to.

Please note that the unit requires a USB power source, usually available from your TV. If your TV does not have a USB power supply available a separate mains power supply will be required.


• Outstanding sound

• Award-winning design

• Never miss out on important TV moments

• Maximum streaming stability

The Widex TV PLAY does not need pairing by your audiologist.


The Widex TV PLAY is compatible with both Widex Moment and Widex Evoke hearing aids.


1x TV PLAY Unit, 1x micro-USB cable, 1x mounting bracket with cable holder, 1x TOSLINK audio cable, 1x cleaning sachet, 1x spare double adhesive tape for mounting, 1x analogue audio cable, 1x user information manual