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Because Hearing Matters
Because Hearing Matters

Widex Perfect Dry LUX

by Widex
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Simply pop your hearing aids into this smart 45-minute hearing aid drying station, press one button and your hearing aids will be sanitised, cleaned and dry, it's really that simple.


Compatible with all hearing aids, this smart machine uses UV light, can help extend the life of your investment, minimize repairs, and provide you with greater peace of mind.

Features & Benefits;

Efficient active dehumidifier combined with UV light dries and disinfects hearing aids, earmolds, or cochlear implants in only 30 minutes. Helps keep hearing aids running excellent condition.

  • Removes moisture using safe gentle heat, no desiccant required
  • UV-C light kills 99% of bacteria associated with daily use of hearing aids
  • UV-C lamp runs during the first 5 minutes of the drying cycle
  • Forced-air fan drying system
  • 30-minute drying cycle (standard)
  • Regulated temperature 
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact case and design
  • External Dimensions: 92mm W x 48mm H x 75mm
  • Internal Dimensions: 70mm W x 21mm H x 51mm D
  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Input: 100-247V, 50-60Hz

The Widex RC-DEX Hearing Aid Remote Control is compatible with Widex Evoke, Beyond, Unique, Dream, and Clear hearing aid series.


1x RC-DEX Remote Control, 1x replacement battery, 1x small keyring attachment, 1x user guide