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Because Hearing Matters
Because Hearing Matters

Starkey Mini Remote Microphone

by Starkey
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Starkey Mini Remote Microphone

Designed by Starkey for Livio ranges, the 2.4Ghz Mini Remote Microphone is the perfect assistive listening device for one-to-one conversation in a noisy environment like a restaurant or café.

It is a small clip-on microphone which when clipped to the clothing of your conversation partner will pick up their voice up close to the source, and send wirelessly to your hearing aids, increasing the signal to noise ratio (SNR). An increased SNR aids speech discrimination and therefore decreases listening effort and fatigue. The device is small and discreet with physical features including power button, status indicator LED light, microphone, microUSB and attachment clip.


This device is compatible with the below Starkey hearing aids:

  • Livio Edge
  • Livio AI
  • Livio


For effective use, the Starkey 2.4Ghz Mini Remote Microphone should be around 8 inches from the speaker’s mouth. This is the microphones primary use (one to one conversation) however although the device has not been optimised for table top use, it can provide some benefit when laid flat on a surface closer to the desired sound source e.g. placing near a television on the other side of the room to the user.

Typical operating range is up to 20 meters (~60 feet), line of sight. Larger operational distances are achievable, while not optimized for a table top the microphone may provide benefit in other environments. For example, placing near your television. To achieve a comfortable listening level, adjust the distance from the television speakers or modify the streaming volume.

You can fully control the microphone via the Starkey Thrive Hearing Control app, allowing you to start or stop audio streaming and also adjust the volume.


To pair the 2.4Ghz Mini Remote Mic to your Livio or Livio AI hearing aids, firstly ensure that your hearing aids are not connected to any other Bluetooth, or other Starkey 2.4Ghz devices. Turn your hearing aids off and back on again and place them within 6 inches (15 cm) of the Mini Remote Microphone. Turn the Microphone on by pressing the power button for 2 seconds and release when the LED illuminates. While the green LED is slowly pulsing, double-click the power button. The LED status indicator alternately blinks red and blue. The LED lights will change to a double yellow blink if two hearing aids have been connected successfully. Refer to the operations manual for full instructions.