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Because Hearing Matters
Because Hearing Matters

Signia Mini Receiver 3.0 – for Signia AX Hearing Aid

by Signia
Original price $55.00 - Original price $70.00
Original price
$55.00 - $70.00
Current price $70.00

The new and improved 3.0 range within Signia ensures that the audiological high performance of our hearing aids is delivered seamlessly when they are fitted to your ears.

These mini receivers offer enhanced protection against earwax, moisture, movement and greater comfort than ever.

Remote Functions:

  • Great flexibility
  • Multiple size and power options
  • Prevents damage from moisture
  • Left/ right ear side indication


These Signia 3.0 receiver wires are compatible with the Signia Pure AX & Styletto AX hearing RIC (Receiver in Canal) aids only. For other Signia RIC aids which pre-date these hearing devices, you require the Signia Mini Receiver 2.0.


1 x Receiver