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Because Hearing Matters
Because Hearing Matters

Phonak CeruShield Disk Wax Filters

by Phonak
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Phonak CeruShield™ Disk is the new wax system from Phonak hearing aids designed as an easy to use dispenser wheel.

The CeruShield Disk consists of:

8 new CeruShield filters

8 positions for easy disposal of used wax filters

CeruShield filters protects the receiver from wax related problems and offers clients longer wearing time between filter changes.


1 Pack includes - 8 wax filters

3 Packs includes - 24 wax filters

5 Packs includes - 40 wax filters

How to change:

Step 1: Turn the cover of the CeruShield disk till an empty spot shows under the delete icon and a new filter can be seen under the number 2.
Step 2: to remove the filter from the receiver, put the receiver opening facing the delete icon of the disc facing downward.
Step 3: press the receiver hard until you hear a tiny click sound. Lift the receiver straight. You should see the used wax guard inside the CeruShield Disk.
Step 4: To replace the wax guard turn the disc cover until a new wax guard can be seen in the number 2. Repeat the process you did when removing the used wax guard. Place the receiver opening facing the number 2.
Step 5: press the receiver firmly until you feel the click sound again.
Step 6: the new CeruShield filter will be well-positioned in the hearing aid by now. You can now remove it. The hearing aid is now ready to use.