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Because Hearing Matters
Because Hearing Matters

Oticon Smart Charger for Oticon More, Zircon & Play PX hearing aids

by Oticon
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The Oticon SmartCharger is the latest addition to the already-impressive range of Oticon gadgets now on offer, and it is suitable for selected Oticon rechargeable devices.

The SmartCharger travel charger is the easiest and most convenient way to recharge your Oticon miniRITE R hearing aids. It works without any kind of contact, you just have to insert your hearing aids into the charging slots. In addition, they will turn themselves off when you put them in the charger and will turn back on when you remove them from the slots. You can enjoy 24 hours of hearing with just 3 hours of charging and, if you're a bit absent-minded, you can use them for 6 hours with a quick charge of 30 minutes. As if that weren't enough, this charger is also an energy store that allows you to charge your Oticon anywhere, even if you don't have a plug to hand. After 4 hours plugged in, it accumulates the necessary energy to carry out 3 full recharges of 2 hearing aids. With it, you can go on a trip without worrying about anything.


    The Oticon SmartCharger is compatible with the below Oticon hearing devices.

    • Oticon More
    • NHS Oticon Zicron
    • NHS Oticon Play PX


    • Lightweight and portable
    • Charge your aids on the go, wherever you are!
    • LED light indicators
    • Multiple power sources
    • Two hearing aid wells
    • Drying capability
    • Detachable USB cable
    • Lid feature to keep your aids safe


    1 x Oticon Smart Charger, 1 x USB power cable, 1 x power plug, 1 x charger case, 1 x instruction manual