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Because Hearing Matters
Because Hearing Matters

GN ReSound TV Streamer + For Nexia Hearing Aids

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Hear your best, especially when life gets noisy at home. The new ReSound TV-Streamer+*, supporting Bluetooth® Auracast™, streams high quality sound with speech clarity directly to your hearing aids at the volume you prefer. If there are multiple users with compatible hearing aids and smartphones in the room, enjoy sound together by each easily connecting to the TV-Streamer+. Bring harmony to family TV time.

*TV-Streamer+ is compatible with ReSound Nexia and Beltone Serene hearing aids


Sleek, lightweight streamlined design can be placed horizontally on a surface or mounted vertically on the back side of TV

Enhanced adjustment capabilities with the ReSound Smart 3 app

Streaming capacity offers memory to pair up to 50 devices (hearing aids and smartphones)

Ready for Bluetooth Auracast, allowing an unlimited number of Auracast-enabled devices to listen to a broadcast audio stream

Using your GN ReSound TV Streamer +

To start using your brand new streamer, connect the power supply to the wall socket with the cable provided, and insert it into the TV Streamer +’s -USB cable slot.

Pairing your device

1. To begin pairing, ensure that your device is switched on and your hearing aids are within 5cm distance with the TV Streamer.

2. Make sure that the extra devices you wish to pair are turned OFF.

3. Press the pairing button at the back of the TV Streamer.

4. Press the button until the front LED starts flashing green in short intervals.

5. The hearing aids will be paired one at a time. The LED will stop flashing for 3 seconds after the first hearing aid is paired and then automatically continue to pair the second hearing aid.


Fully compatible with GN Resound Nexia & Beltone Serene models.

  • ReSound Nexia
  • Beltone Serene

Key Features:

  • Crystal-clear audio streaming
  • Personalized volume
  • Excellent range
  • Easy-to-use interface

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x GN ReSound TV Streamer +
  • USB Power Cable
  • Analogue Audio Cable
  • Digital (Optical) Audio Input Cable
  • Hook and Loop Fasting Tape Strip
  • User Manual


1 x GN ReSound TV Streamer, USB Power Cable, & Power Plug, Analogue Audio Cable, Optical Audio Input, TV Connector Adapter, and User Manual.