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Because Hearing Matters
Because Hearing Matters

GN ReSound Multi Mic

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ReSound developed their much loved Multi Mic to offer the market a premium quality device for streaming speech and audio from a variety of sources directly to compatible hearing aids including ReSound Alera, Verso, LiNX, Enzo and Quattro hearing aids.

It is also compatible with NHS ReSound and Danalogic hearing aids with a wireless function – check with your Audiology department to find out what model your NHS hearing aids are and if they are wireless enabled.

When clipped to your conversation partners clothing or worn around their neck on the lanyard provided, you can enjoy a better listening experience in your one-to-one conversation in noise as the signal to noise ratio will be reduced. Or place it horizontal on a level surface, or table, whilst in a group of people, this will automatically switch the Multi Mic into optimised mode for to hear multiple speakers in places like a restaurant or cafe.

For best results, make sure the device is within a range of 10-40cm (4-16 inches) from the speaker’s mouth.

The device is small and lightweight and comes with a draw string storage pouch making it simple to keep neatly in your pocket or handbag ready for use when on the go.


The Multi Mic features many other streaming choices by means of the line in audio jack. Any media device that has a headphone output (e.g. mobile phone, mp3 player, TV, computer or tablet) can be connected to this jack for seamless high quality streaming of your favourite entertainment.

As the Multi Mic has a built in telecoil, when set to the “T” mode it can receive audio from a teleloop system. In FM mode the Multi Mic can receive audio from a FM transmitter.

This requires that an FM receiver (optional accessory) is attached to the Multi Mic via the 3-pin Euro pin connector. Switching between modes is simply done at the press of the mode button and LED lights clearly indicate which mode is selected.

Other features:

• Simply turn the ReSound Multi Mic ON and switch the hearing instruments into streaming mode
• Easy to recharge using the included charger
• Talk time:
• Microphone mode: Typical 11 hours
• Line-in mode: Typical 11 hours
• Telecoil mode: Typical 7 hours
• FM mode: Typical 10 hours
• When worn vertically (clipped on or worn on lanyard) it automatically switches into directional mode and minimizes background noise.
• When placed horizontally on e.g. a table it automatically switches into a mode optimized for picking up the voices of multiple speakers
• Plug-and-play line-in and FM functionality
• Volume control adjustment for personal preference (incl. volume control lock)
• Drop detector – mutes transmitted signal momentarily when dropped from heights above 75 cm (~30 inches)
• Can be controlled via ReSound connected apps


1 x Multi Mic, 1 USB cable, 1 x Pouch, 1 x Instructions manual