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Because Hearing Matters
Because Hearing Matters

Geemarc Amplicall Sentinel Baby Monitor for the Hard of Hearing

by Geemarc
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Geemarc Amplicall Sentinel Baby Monitor for the Hard of Hearing

Designed to accommodate for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, the Geemarc Amplicall Sentinel Baby Monitor for the Hard of Hearing is an excellent help for new parents who are worried about their child's movement and needs. Including features such as a motion detecting alarm, feeding time reminder and a strong flashing light, this monitor enables you to have a peace of mind whilst still being aware of your baby's movements. Its adjustable features allow you the freedom to tailor the monitor to suit your parenting style, making the experience easier.

Key Features of the Baby Monitor 

This cleverly-crafted Baby Monitor is fully equipped with features to make your parenting experience that much easier, particularly for those with hearing impairments. These features include: 

  • Talk/zoom button that allows you to speak to your child and zoom in to see their movements up close
  • Motion detection linked to an alarm that goes off at any sign of movement 
  • Temperature alarm that enables you to set the baby's room temperature
  • Adjustable noise detection and brightness level for personal preference 
  • Night camera mode for comfortable 24-hour surveillance 
  • Flexible snake stand to attach camera in various positions 
  • Flashing light and shaker pad as additional sensory alerts
  • Rotation function where the monitor can be placed upside down but still allows you to see the video the right way round
  • Multiple languages available (see below for detail)

Shaker Pad and Flashing Light 

As a parent, your child's safety is of utmost importance to you, irrespective of being deaf of hard of hearing. The Amplicall Sentinel includes a flashing light and shaker pad, both of which are excellent sensory alternatives to alert you of your child's movement and safety. At any sign of movement, transmitters send a flashing light signal or trigger the shake pad, so that you never miss a thing.

Snake Stand for Camera

Allowing you to position your camera in a variety of different places, the Amplicall Sentinel includes a snake stand that is highly versatile. Flexible in movement, this snake stand can be wrapped and bent around the bed or cot with a secure grip to hold the camera at any angle of your choice. With no drilling required, the snake stand is a highly convenient addition to your monitor!

The snake stand can be wrapped around the bed or cot with a secure grip on the camera 

How Do I Use the Amplicall Baby Monitor? 

The Baby Monitor has basic dials beside the screen to navigate usage and adjust settings. However, if you do struggle to operate the monitor, there is a detailed User Guide. The user guide includes images and labels to guide you through the assembly of the monitor and its other components. 

Should you want to monitor your child from multiple locations around the house, you can have up to four cameras paired to the same monitor at a time. This way you can get on with your errands with no anxiety surrounding your child's movements.

What Languages Are Available for the Baby Monitor? 

English isn't your first language? Not to worry, the Amplicall is available in five languages. They are: 

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Dutch


  • 1 x Baby Monitor
  • 1 x Camera 
  • 1 x Shaker Pad
  • 1 x Snake Stand
  • 2 x Magic Tapes