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Because Hearing Matters
Because Hearing Matters

Bellman Visit Deaf Alarm Clock with Bed-Shaker

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Bellman Visit Deaf Alarm Clock with Bed-Shaker

For deaf people and those who are hard of hearing, waking up in the morning can be a challenge. Thanks to the Bellman Visit Deaf Alarm Clock with Bed-Shaker you can wake up with your choice of a very loud alarm (up to 100dB), flashing lights, and/or strong vibration to ensure you will never oversleep again.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Alarm Clock
  • 1 x Bed-Shaker
  • 1 x Power Adaptor
  • 4 x Rechargeable AAA Batteries
  • User Manual

What Is This Product?

This alarm clock is designed for the hard of hearing, and features 3 types of alerts that are better suited to those with hearing difficulties. It also functions as a receiver for part of your Bellman home system when connected with Bellman Transmitters, it will notify you when a transmitter is triggered.

Who Can Benefit from the Bellman Visit Deaf Alarm Clock with Bed-Shaker?

From heavy sleepers to those without any hearing at all, this alarm clock has multiple features that don't just rely on sound to wake you up. If you find that you, or someone you care for, struggles with waking and getting up in the morning then this powerful deaf alarm clock with bed-shaker is the solution to your problems.

How Does the Alarm Clock Connect with the Bellman Visit Home System?

This alarm clock uses radio signals to communicate with your Visit Transmitters, meaning you it can alert you when the doorbell or phone rings, when your baby cries, or if there is a fire in the house. As it comes with a back-up battery, the alarm clock won't fail to alert you even if there is a power cut, so you can trust your alarm clock to work when you need it.

Combine the Alarms That Work for You

The Bellman Visit Alarm Clock is connected to a powerful bed shaker, which can be placed under your mattress or pillow, to strongly vibrate when it's time to wake up. The device can also emit an extra loud alarm signal that goes up to 100dB and flashes high intensity bright lights. You are able to use whichever one of these alerts works best for you, or a combination of all three.

Extra-Loud Alarm

Designed for the deaf and those who are hard of hearing across a variety of ailments, this alarm features a very loud 100dB sound which rings in an ascending multi-tone signal. As the alarm noise sweeps across a number of frequencies, it can be heard by a variety of people who have different forms of hearing loss.

Bellman Visit Deaf Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker Being Set Up On A Bedside Table

Battery Back-Up

The Bellman Visit Deaf Alarm Clock runs from the mains power but also includes a battery back-up ensuring that it will keep working in an emergency or during power failure. Operating on four rechargeable AAA batteries, the alarm clock should be able to function for long enough that it takes for you to get the mains power back on.

Individual Light Alerts

The alarm clock comes with four coloured LED indicator lights that signal:

  • Orange LED – The dummy symbol indicates the baby monitor is activated
  • Green LED – The door symbol indicates the door transmitter is activated
  • Yellow LED – The telephone symbol indicates the telephone transmitter is activated
  • Red LED – The fire symbol indicates that the smoke alarm is activated

Built-In Night Light

To help you get back to bed in the night, the alarm clock includes a mild blue light that works as a built-in night light. The electro-luminescent blue light is dim so as not to keep you awake and has a timeout period of 1 hour on the mains and 15 minutes on battery power.

Will the Flashing Lights Work on A Bright Morning?

The four high intensity flashing lights are so bright that they will not only be visible but actually remain attention grabbing even in broad daylight. For those who are completely deaf or would prefer not to use the in bed vibrating bed-shaker, these intensely bright flashing lights will be more than enough to wake you.

Side Shot of the Bellman Alarm Clock At Night

Bed-Shaker Included

Designed to give you as much help as possible waking up in the morning, this alarm clock includes Bellman's Visit Accessory: the Bed-Shaker. This powerful, vibrating device can be placed under your pillow for an intense alert that will be sure to wake you up. It comes with an anti-slip pad and 2m cable, to be easily placed in the bed wherever works for you.

Bed Shaker Placed Under Pillow to Help Woman Wake Up

Smart Snooze Timer

One of the key ways this deaf alarm clock helps to wake you up is the smart snooze timer which works with you to progressively bring you out of sleep. The snooze time begins with intervals of 9 minutes and these intervals progressively decrease the longer you lie in down to 2-minute intervals, so that you can wake with a consistent progressive rise.

How Easy Is the Alarm Clock to Maintain?

The alarm clock has an intuitive design with separate push-rotate dials to help you easily set the time. It comes with everything that it needs out of the box for simplicity of installation. The only element that requires upkeep is the rechargeable batteries and there is a monitor on the display to signal the backup battery power status for your convenience.

Features and Benefits of the Bellman Alarm Clock

  • Extra loud alarm signal that ascends to 100dB to ensure even the hard of hearing will be woken up
  • Four very high intensity flashing lights that will even be effective in waking you during daylight
  • Powerful bed-shaker, Bellman Visit Accessory included with clock to wake you with powerful vibrations
  • Runs on mains power but also contains back-up batteries to maintain functioning even during a power cut
  • Monitor displays battery power level clearly for hassle-free upkeep and maintenance of your clock
  • Night light beacon displays a mild blue light to help guide you back to bed if you wake and walk in the night
  • Smart snooze function reduces snooze time intervals from 9 to 2 minutes to help ease you into getting up
  • Alarm signal sweeps across multiple frequencies so that it can be heard past a variety of hearing disorders
  • Easy to use with a large LCD display and two adjustable push rotate dials for setting the time and alarm
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 108 x 121 x 92mm (4.3 x 4.8 x 3.6")
  • Weight: 390g (approx. 0.86lbs) with batteries

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency: 868.3MHz
  • Operating range: 200m (approx. 656FT)
  • Connections: external trigger input 3.5mm stereo jack. Telephone modular RJ-11 jack. Analogue network 26-120V RMS, 12 - 100Hz